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Accounting & Tax
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Accounting & Tax Services   


We provide accounting & tax services which include the followings:


�preparation of cash receipt and disbursement vouchers, and journal    vouchers

�maintenance of accounting records in compliance with tax laws

�compilation of balance sheets, income statements, and other necessary financial information in English

�preparation and filing of quarterly value-added tax returns with the tax office

�preparation of balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and supplementary financial schedules, both in English and in Korean (as required in the Korean Corporate Income Tax Law), for the closing of the books of account at fiscal  year-end

filing of corporate income tax return

� preparation and filing of final corporate income tax returns and tax reconciliation statements along with various supporting tax schedules as required with the tax office                 

� preparation and filing of the Company's interim corporate income tax returns for the first  six month period with the tax office based upon either payment of half of prior year income taxes or Interim book closing method

strategic tax planning

� consultation on international tax minimization              

� short/long-term tax strategies, tax-efficient year-end closing

� analysis of tax implications for specific transactions, agreements, etc.     

filing of individual income tax return

� preparation and filing of individual income tax return with tax authorities

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